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OPEN -   56 (-15) - 1998
Record tied in 2013 - Curtis, John & Stewart Mills and Dan Weaver (Kitchener)
Record tied in 2012 - Curtis, John & Stewart Mills and Dan Weaver (Kitchener)
Record tied in 2009 - Aris, Frank & Stan Anagnostopolous & Gerard Morrison (all of Kitchener-Waterloo) 
Record tied in 2001 - Steve Apperson, Don Hoffman, Jim McCrea & Joe McCrea (all of Kitchener-Waterloo)
Record tied in 1999 - Terry Bezanson, Jim Gatenby, Paul Lavery & Brian Morgans (all of Kitchener-Waterloo)
Record broken and new record established (-15) in 1998.
Terry Bezanson, Barry Duench, Paul Lavery & Brian Morgans (all of Kitchener-Waterloo 
LADIES - 68 (-3) -2014
Record broken and new record established (-3) in 2014
Mary Daniel (Cambridge), Sheila Grubb & Isabel Jackson (Dorchester) and Susan Kinzie (Kitchener)
Rosemary Borho, Lee Brown & Susan Voisin (Formosa) and Joyce Millen (Teeswater)
Record broken and new record established (-2) in 2013
Rosemary Borho & Susan Voisin (Formosa); Joyce Millen (Teeswater) & Danielle Morris (Walkerton)
Record tied (-1) in 2011
Judy Dowson, Donna Mauro, Mary Ann Merkir & Pat Kelly (Grand Valley Golf Course)
Record broken and new record established (-1) in 2010
Lisa Fortney, Michelle Fortney, Shawna Reinhart (all of Walkerton), Rene Sachs (Mildmay)
Record broken and new record established (Par) in 2003 
Nancy Caddo (Mildmay), Bonnie Monk (Shallow Lake), Sandra O'Hagen (Walkerton), Barb Spence (Mildmay)
MIXED -  62 (-10) - 2005 
Record broken and new record established by two foursomes at (-10) in 2005 
George & Marianne Dziarski (Waterloo), Al & Heather Tomaso (Brooklin)
Monica Gurton (Kitchener), Janet Teern (Kitchener), Cliff Thorburn (Unionville) & Floyd Ziegler (Brantford)  
FAMILY - 56 (-15) - 2008
Record broken and new record established (-15) in 2012.
Curtis, John & Stewart Mills and Dan Weaver (Kitchener)
Record broken and new record established (-13) in 2008. 
Aris, Frank, Robert and Stan Anagnostopolous (all of Kitchener-Waterloo)
YOUTH -  65 (-6) - 1998 
Record broken and new record established (-6) in 1998
Sean Behling, Dave Gaffney, Dave Munroe and Reed McColl-Stroh (all of Waterloo)
2010                 61 (-11)          71 (-1)                       67 (-5)                63 (-9)
                                                    Sets new record!
                    Frank & Stan         Lisa Fortney                  Bill Ballagh                Brock Cober
                         Anagnostopolous   Michelle Fortney            Jacquie Ballagh          Peter Cober
                         Peter Black           Shawn Reinhart             George Dziarski          Todd Cober
                         Tom Papadopoulos Rene Sachs                 Marianne Dziarski       Wendy Cober

57 (-15)

Tied Record         

73 (+1)                    

63 (-9)                  

68 (-4)                    
Thursday          Aris Anagnostopolous Lisa Fortney Bill Ballagh Linda Kieswetter
July 9 Frank Anagnostoplous  Michelle Fortney Jacquie Ballagh  Chris McCormick
  Stan Anagnostopolous  Shawna Reinhart  George Dziarski  Chuck Salter 
  Gerard Morrison  Rene Sachs  Marianne Dziarski  Bryan Thompson 
2008 59 (-13) 74 (+2) (Tied) 65 (-7)

59 (-13) (New Record)

Thursday Aris Anagnostopolous Gloria Campbell Rosemary Borho Jo-Anne Hughes Aris Anagnostopolous
July 17 Frank Anagnostopolous Judy Dowson     Joyce Millen  Peter Hughes Frank Anagnostopolous
  Robert Anagnostopolous Mary Ann Merkir Susan Voisin Jill Strickland Robt Anagnsotopolous
  Stan Anagnostopolous Anita Moore Sean Strickland Stan Anagnostopolous
2007 60 (-12) 75 (+3) 65 (-7) 62 (-10) (New Record)
Thursday Joe Allen Gloria Campbell George Dziarski Chris McCormick
July 19 Dino Costabile Judy Dowson Marianne Dziarski Chuck Salter
  Dave McBride Mary Ann Merkir Bill Ballagh Bryan Thompson
  Ian Russell Anita Moore Jacquie Ballagh Rob Thompson
2006       61 (-11) (Tied)       76 (+4)(Tied) 65 (-7) 65 (-7 )(Tied Record)
Thursday Hank Campbell Rick Campbell Marilyn Farrell   Gloria Campbell Adele Chubb Brock Cober
July 20 Doug Dowson   Brian Holtom   Ann MacDonald Judy Dowson Buddy Johnston Peter Cober
  Bill Merkir        Scott Murray Barb Spence     Mary Ann Merkir Pam Phillips Todd Cober
  Bill Moore        Troy Murray Heather Zettler Anita Moore Ted Phillips Tom Gural
2005 59 (-13) 82 (+10) 6 2 (-10) (Tied)- New Record 66 (-6)
Thursday Paul DeWet Nancy Caddo George Dziarski    Monica Gurton Chris McCormick
July 14 Jeff Legault Marilyn Farrell Marianne Dziarski  Janet Teern Chuck Salter
  Amy Orendi Barb Spence Al Tomaso            Cliff Thorburn Bryan Thompson
  Jimmy Schilling Heather Zettler Heather Tomaso    Floyd Ziegler Rob Thompson
2004 60 (-12) . 67 (-5) (Tied) 67 (-5)
Thursday Jeff Legault   George Dziarski   Patti McCormick Patti McCormick
July 15 Amy Orendi   Marianne Dziarski Paul McCormick Paul McCormick
  Jimmy Schilling   Al Tomaso           Gayle Salter Gayle Salter
  Kyle Scott   Heather Tomaso  Matt Walker Matt Walker 
2003 61 (-11) (Tied) 72 (Par)- New Record 65 (-7) 65 (-7) (Record)
Thursday Wayne Aasen  Steve Apperson Nancy Caddo Terry Hein Patti McCormick
July 17 Denis Lebrun   Don Hoffman Bonnie Monk Val Hein Paul McCormick
  Don Webb       Jim McCrea Sandra O'Hagen Buddy Johnston Gayle Salter
  Greg Webb      Joe McCrea Barb Spence Sonia Stegner Matt Walker 
2002 58 (-14) (Tied) 73 (+1) 63 (-9)- New Record .
Thursday Steve Apperson  Ron Farkas Marilyn Farrell Terry Hein  
July 18 Don Hoffman     Siggy Filipitsch Ann MacDonald Val Hein  
  Jim McCrea        Paul Fortuna  Barb Spence Buddy Johnston  
  Joe McCrea        Ed McKeddie Laurie Trelford Floyd Ziegler  
Prior to 2002, the old course Par 71 was used, and since then, the new course with a Par 72
2001 56 (-15)- Tied Record 77 (+6) 66 (-5) .
Thursday Steve Apperson Marilyn Farrell Doug Dowson  
July 19 Ken Brooks Ann MacDonald Judy Dowson  
  Jim McCrea Laurie Trelford Ed McKeddie  
  Joe McCrea Heather Zettler Shirley McKeddie  
2000 57 (-14) 77 (+6) 65 (-6)- New Record .            
T hursday Rob Alaire Mary Fortney Mary McConnell  
July 27 Andrew Gateman Kim Harris Jack Spieran  
  Josh Hunke Kendra Reinhart Dan Weaver  
  Andrew Watt Sherry Weiler Don Weaver  
1999 56 (-15)- Tied Record 72 (+1) 66 (-5)- New Record 66 (-5)
Thursday Terry Bezanson Joan Edwards Bill Merkir Jeff Dosman
July 22 Jim Gatenby Mary Fortney Jackie Merkir Curtis Schmalz
  Paul Lavery Janice Swanton Mary Ann Merkir Matt Trelford
  Brian Morgans Sherry Weiler Scott Merkir Evan Wise
1998 56 (-15)- New Record 72 (+1) 68 (-3 )-New Record 65 (-6)- New Record
  Terry Bezanson Patty Berard Rod Becker Sean Behling
  Barry Duench Catyhy MacTavish Joe Mattes Dave Gaffney
  Paul Lavery Ellen Schmalz Nancy Mattes David Munroe
  Brian Morgans Pat Simpson Steve Jantzi Reed McCall-Stroh
1997 59 (-12) (Tied)- Tied Record 81 (+10) 70 (-1 )-New Record 67 (-4)-Record
  Steve Apperson Brian Holtom  Patty Berard George Dziarski Jon Eickmeier
  Ken Brooks       John Howard Cathy MacTavish Marianne Dziarski Jeremy Ellis
  Jim McCrea       Ian McGough Ellen Schmalz Al Tomaso Josh Ellis
  Joe McCrea       Al Orth Pat Simpson Heather Tomaso Chad Spence
1996 60 (-11) 83 (+12) 77 (+6)-Record  
  Rick Campbell Patty Berard Peter Cober  
  Eric Outhwaite Cathy MacTavish George Dziarski  
  Scott Murray Ellen Schmalz Marianne Dziarski  
  Jim Strong Pat Simpson Tom Gural  
1995 59 (-12)-Tied Record      
  Kevin Birnstihl      
  Rob Maxwell      
  Richard Rook      
  Rob Schulz      
1994 60 (-11)      
  Rick Campbell      
  Ron Caudle      
  Brian Holtom      
  Ralph Shilton      
1993 65 (-6)      
  Maria Albrecht      
  Rick Behling      
  Diane Czura      
  Chris Hundley      
1992         67 (-4) (Tied)      
  Ken Allen    Joe Bogensberger      
  Fred Payne  George Kerr      
  Dick Pedlar  John Thompson      
1991 59 (-12) (Tied) - New Record      
  Woody Green     Ken Brooks      
Chris Hundley     Rick Campbell
  Dan Weaver       Brian Cullen       
  Don Weaver       Jeff Maslanka       
1990 66 (-5) (Record)      
  John Dolby      
  Tom Gural      
  Mike Penny      
  Gary Robbins