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Saturday December 15 2018 
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Thursday July 17, 2014

(At St. Jacobs Country Playhouse, Waterloo)  

 Scholarship recipients and presenters pose on staircase at St. Jacobs Country Playhouse – Standing (l-r) – Emily van Oyen, (WDCS), Dave West (representing son  J.D. West), Nicole Ruetz, (Sacred Heart), Brian Hicks, Jacqui West, Kelsey Simpson (WDCS) and Dan Rourke. Seated – John Thompson, (tournament chair), Ellen Schmalz (selection committee), and Bruce McDonald (sponsor – CMR Insurance) 

Saturday August 3, 2013
(At Rotary Pavilion, Mildmay Coronation Park)

Financial awards from the 24th annual Sports & Scholarships golf tournament were presented to students from South Bruce at a reception at the Rotary Pavilion in Coronation Park in Mildmay on Saturday August 3 during Homecoming 2013. Student recipients and presenters included (l-r) committee members John Thompson & Ellen Schmalz, presenter Pat Simpson, South Bruce students Samuel Stuckless, Chloe Lark, Justine Gayman; sponsor Bruce McDonald (Craig, McDonald, Reddon Insurance), and presenter Kevin Matheson, teacher from Walkerton District Community School. (Missing from photo was student Nelson Gayman).

Thursday August 2, 2012  

 (At Drayton Festival Theatre)

Student recipients included (front l-r) Lynn Duncan (Walkerton District Secondary School); Tom Fischer (F.E. Madill Secondary School, Wingham) and Sarah Schnurr (Sacred Heart High School, Walkerton). Back row, Cathy MacTavish, Waterloo (selection committee), presenters Darlene Schnurr, Mildmay; Ryan Johnston and Pam Hamilton of F.E. Madill Secondary School, Wingham; Anne Duncan, Mildmay and John Thompson, Waterloo - golf tournament organizer. (Missing – student recipient Michael Ballagh, F.E. Madill Secondary School, Wingham).

Elementary School Recipients

TYSON GOETZ/OWEN RIEGLING (tie) – Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary

   JOANNE RAE – Mildmay -Carrick Public Elementary  



Thursday August 3, 2011

(At St. Jacobs Country Playhouse) 


 Recipients were (front l-r) – Lisa Bohnert, (Walkerton Sacred Heart High School), Ron Groen (Wingham F. E. Madill High School), and Britt Gamble (Walkerton Sacred Heart High School). Committee Members and presenters included (back) John Thompson, (Waterloo), Kelly Durrer (Mildmay), Cathy MacTavish, (Waterloo), Betty Shaw, (Wingham) and Tony Lea (Waterloo).

Elementary School Recipients


EMILY WALTERS - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary

TAYLOR GOETZ – Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary


Thursday July 15, 2010

(At St. Jacobs Country Playhouse)



Recipients and presenters donning wide smiles include (l-r) – Veronica Davidson, teacher, Walkerton Sacred Heart High School; John Thompson, tournament chair, Waterloo; recipient Vanessa Huber (Sacred Heart); Tony Lea (Waterloo); recipient Devan Ballagh (Madill); Diane Wall, teacher, Hillcrest School Teeswater; Debbie Green, vice-principal, F.E. Madill Secondary School, Wigham; recipient Cheryl Inglis (Madill); Don Weaver, Kitchener and Ellen Schmalz, Mildmay

Elementary School Recipients


SHELBY FORTNEY – Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary

EMILY VAN OYEN – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary  


Tuesday August 11, 2009

(At Drayton Festival Theatre) 

 Recipients included (front l-r) – Brock Gayman, (Walkerton DSS), Kaitlin Norris (Elmira DSS), Tracy Klages (Walkerton DSS), and Dragan Milisav (Kitchener Collegiate Institute). Committee members (back) Don Weaver (Kitchener)and Cathy MacTavish (Waterloo), presenters Wayne Gayman, Jeff Martin,  Sarah Klages, and Dejan Simovic, and Peter Black (Drayton Entertainment)and John Thompson (Waterloo) all enjoyed the event. Absent was Laura Ruetz (St. David’s Catholic, Waterloo).


 Elementary School Recipients

BROOKLYN McGLYNN – Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary

   MIRIE SONG – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary  


Wednesday July 30, 2008

(At Drayton Festival Theatre) 

BROOKE NIESEN – Walkerton Distruict Secondary

 TIMOTHY STERN – Waterloo St. David’s

MICHELLE WHITEMAN – Walkerton District Secondary

NIKOLE WHITEMAN – Walkerton District Secondary

Elementary School Recipients

COLE HOFFELE & FALLON WEBER – Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary

NICHOLAS REID - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary  


Tuesday August 7, 2007

(At Drayton Festival Theatre)


BREANNE DIETRICH – Walkerton District Secondary

KRISTA DOERING – Elmira District Secondary

ALANNA HARPER – Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate

JESSICA PINKERTON – Bluevale Collegiate, Waterloo

ALAYNA WEIGEL – Walkerton District Secondary

Elementary School Recipients

KAREN GRUBB - Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary

MATHESON WEST - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary  

Wednesday August 2, 2006

(At Drayton Festival Theatre) 



AMANDA BROWN – Walkerton Sacred Heart High


LISA MITCHELL – Sir John A. MacDonald, Waterloo


SARAH McINTOSH – Walkerton District Secondary


TIM NOSAL – Kitchener Resurrection Secondary


LINDSAY WRIGHT – Kitchener Resurrection Secondary

 Elementary School Recipients

VANESSA HUBER - Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary


ARAN OBERLE - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary  


Wednesday August 3, 2005

(At Drayton Festival Theatre)


Posing for posterity on the steps of the century-old Drayton Theatre are (front l-r): recipient Jeff Schnurr (Walkerton Sacred Heart); recipient Nicole Weber (Walkerton District Secondary) and Don Weaver (Kitchener). Middle – recipient Emily Brubacher (Elmira District Secondary) and Tony Lea (Waterloo), BackJohn Thompson (Waterloo); Shannon Theune (Waterloo Bluevale Collegiate) and Ellen Schmalz (Mildmay). Missing from photo recipients Janelle Dietrich (Walkerton District Secondary) & Megan Seiling (Elmira District Secondary) and volunteers Rick Campbell (Mississauga) and Cathy MacTavish (Waterloo).


 Elementary School Recipients

BROOKE VOISIN – Mildmay Sacred Heart Elementary

 GREG WALTER – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary  


Tuesday July 6, 2004

 (At United Way Board Room, Waterloo)


JANNA MCGILL – Walkerton District Secondary


CORALENE NEIDENBACH – Kitchener Resurrection Secondary


CATHRYN SHROEDER – Kitchener Collegiate Institute


JESSICA STEINMAN – Waterloo Oxford Secondary


OWEN TABBERT – Kitchener Grand River Collegiate


MIKE WEBER – Walkerton District Secondary

Elementary School Recipients 

ALLISON GRUBB – Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary

BROOKE NIESEN – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary


Sunday August 2, 2003

(At The Mildmay Coffee Perk)


VICKY DETZLER – Walkerton Sacred Heart High


JULIE FEDDEMA – Kitchener St. Mary’s Catholic High


ROSANNE GOOD – Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary


SHANNON KESTNER – Walkerton Sacred Heart High


HAYLEY KUENEMAN – Walkerton District Secondary


LAURA MURRAY – Walkerton Sacred Heart High


JOSH NELSON – Kitchener Eastwood Collegiate


CHRIS NOSAL – Waterloo St. David’s Catholic Secondary


TRACY PAGE – Kitchener Grand River Collegiate


BRITTANY KIEFFER – Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary


JENNA WALTER – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary




Wednesday July 3, 2002

 (At Kitchener Westmount Golf Club)


SALAM AL-ATTAR – Waterloo Collegiate


SARAH FOLLIOTT – Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary


MIKE NOSAL – Waterloo St. David’s Catholic Secondary


JEFF WEBER – Walkerton District Secondary


JESSICA YENSSEN – Walkerton District Secondary

 KALEENA YEUNG – Waterloo Bluevale Collegiate


 Elementary School Recipients

HEIDI ORR – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary

 CINDY SCHNEIDER – Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary






(At Don Cameron Room, Kitchener Memorial Auditorium – 2001)


RACHELLE GOOD – Waterloo-Oxford Secondary


KAYE HOPE – Waterloo Bluevale Collegiate


MICHAEL LOBSINGER – Walkerton District Secondary


HEATHER ROTH – Walkerton District Secondary


MELISSA TUMMON – Waterloo-Oxford Secondary


TAMARA WATT – Kitchener Grand River Collegiate

Elementary School Recipients 

JOE FORTNEY – Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary

 CLAIRE GAYMAN – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary



Thursday July 27, 2000

(At Pike Lake Golf Centre)

HEATHER DIETRICHWalkerton District Secondary

SARA HAHN - Kitchener Resurrection Secondary

MEAGHAN JASTREBSKIE – Kitchener Forest Heights Collegiate

BAO LAM – Kitchener - Waterloo Collegiate

MARNI LEE – Waterloo Bluevale Collegiate

CAMERON McCUAIG – Kitchener Forest Heights Collegiate

KATHLEEN McKAGUE – Waterloo St. David’s Catholic Secondary

DEREK SWANTON – Walkerton District Secondary

 Elementary School Recipients

JESSICA SEIFRIED – Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary

MICHAEL WEBER – Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary


July 22, 1999

 (At Pike Lake Golf Centre)


MEGHAN HAEHN - Waterloo Bluevale Collegiate


PETRA HROCH - Kitchener Resurrection


MARK LOBSINGER - Walkerton District Secondary


SARAH LUCKHARDT - Kitchener Collegiate


CELIA VALENTE – Kitchener Resurrection Secondary


VINCENT YENSSEN - Walkerton District Secondary

 Elemetary School Recipients

CHRIS ORR - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary

 ALLAN SCHNEIDER - Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary


July 23. 1998

 (At Pike Lake Golf Centre)

 JENNIFER BLACK - Kitchener Resurrection Secondary


MICHELLE BREIG - Walkerton District Secondary


JON EICKMEIER - Walkerton District Secondary


KELLY GALLOWAY - Kitchener Resurrection Secondary


GRAHAM JASTREBSKI - Kitchener Forest Heights Collegiate


CRYSTAL MATUSIAK - Kitchener Resurrection Secondary

Elementary School Recipients 

JESSIE BASTIAN - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary

AMY DIETZ - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary

LISA WALTER - Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary



July 24, 1997

 (At Pike Lake Golf Centre)


ZILDA AMARAL - Kitchener St. Mary’s


KRISTEN DAWSON - Kitchener St. Mary’s


RONDA SCHNURR - Walkerton Sacred Heart High


CHAD SPENCE - Walkerton District Secondary


JOANNA WEIS - Waterloo Collegiate


BRENDAN WILSON - Waterloo Collegiate

 Elementary School Recipients

NICOLE BATTE - Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary

TAMMY ORR - Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary




June 13, 1996

 (At Pike Lake Golf Centre) 

ERIC BALLANTYNE - Kitchener Collegiate


SARAH BANDONI - Kitchener Eastwood Collegiate


CLAIRE BENNINGER - Walkerton District Secondary


KRISTA LUNDY - Kitchener Eastwood Collegiate


ALEXIS MORGAN - Waterloo Collegiate


ANGELA YENSSEN - Walkerton District Secondary

 Elementary School Recipients

MICHAEL LOBSINGER- Mildmay-Carrick Public Elementary

 AMANDA WALTER - Mildmay-Carrick Sacred Heart Elementary